White BLM Support(White Race Traitors): The Cultural Fruits of Jewish Labor

By ichibanyuki of Heathen Women In light of the recent attacks carried out by the domestic terrorist organization Black Lives Matter, white guilt is being perpetuated at an all time high. Baseless …

Source: White BLM Support(White Race Traitors): The Cultural Fruits of Jewish Labor

Conversations with Men: You’re White, So I Get to Fuck You

Story Ending Never

Eventually, I’m going to do a whole post on purported ‘white woman privilege’ that every single group (sometimes including self-immolating white lib-fem women) on the planet likes to shout to silence a white woman when she tries to speak. [Update: I went ahead and created the White Girl series to address this huge problem.] White women are still women, and there is the shit heap of hate and violence that goes with that. A white woman doesn’t have anywhere near the advantages that a white man has, and in many cases that a man of colour has, yet has to be held accountable for all the sins of the white man – her lord and master. But know that penis always wins over vagina, no matter the colour. Sex is the original, longest-existing, and most disregarded or pooh-poohed oppression in human history – all oppressions derive from it…

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Ask a White Woman

Story Ending Never

Woman, I have so much to write, so much going on in my mind that I don’t know where to start. Mostly, it is prompted by my current trip back West from China and helped along by my rapid and deep official and deliberate immersion into radical feminist theory during this last year. The general feminist orientation I’ve held for years and years is nothing compared to what I’m going through now. I opened my can of whoop ass and things changed in a more positive, but infinitely more difficult way. And because of this deep immersion, it has really become clear to me how traumatizing living in China is, and how that trauma affects me when I come back to a very different, but equally disturbing West.

I do want to write some things about East vs West, and I also want to write about politics, but I still…

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